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Seduces from the first sight

Sometimes, one look is enough to get lost and entirely seduced by jewellery – this is what happens when one sees jewellery by Jacek Baron. This Amber Master presents to you a special collection of jewellery.


Original and unique artist

Jacek Baron has been a designer and creator of jewellery for over 30 years, and his ideas have always been surprising and fresh. The original cut and individual approach to each project make his jewellery a class of its own.

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An object of desire

Amber has always evoked the desire for owning it, equally with gold and diamonds. It has long been a symbol of strength and success, and its ownership still testifies to a refined taste and exquisite style.


Machine, mass, amber

Machine, mass, and… amber – this paraphrase of the title of one of the major manifestoes of the avant-garde art perfectly reflects the spirit of Jacek Baron’s globally unique design.


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