Jacek Baron Amber thecoll


Seduces from the first sight

Sometimes, one look is enough to get lost and seduced by the charm of jewellery. Instead of fighting against this feeling, it is better to give in straight away and enjoy the beauty of the form and precious metals. This is exactly what is offered by the jewellery of Jacek Baron, who presents his special collection. There are no two the same forms, and their uniqueness is stressed by the Artist with subtle and meticulously performed bindings of top quality metals, which are only available in short series.
Jacek Baron willingly reaches for floral and zoomorphic motifs, but his hallmark is formed by modern and avant-garde bindings that surprise us with their original concepts. The jewellery is hand-made, which guarantees bringing out the unique shine and singular beauty of amber.
The Jacek Baron brand is a synonym of modern design and elegance. When purchasing jewellery signed by Jacek Baron, you can be sure to acquire a unique gem. This is confirmed the certificate enclosed with each jewellery product.